Solar PV systems

To augment you electricity supply, noting beats having access to your own “mini-grid” or your own “mini power station”. Think this is not possible, then think again. With a properly designed and installed system, whether roof mounted or ground mounted, electricity supply is virtually guaranteed. This is now a reality within the reach of the consumer because of the arrival of affordable solar panels, inverters, control units and now battery back-ups.

These systems can be designed in a modular format so that additional capacity can be added as and when needed. The systems are scalable to sizes that make it effective for office blocks, factories, warehouses and even manufacturing plants.

Large malls and retail centres will benefit particularly because of the steady supply solar PV systems offer. This makes economic sense when viewed from the potential for loss of business when there are disruptions to trading due to load-shedding, maintenance or other unforeseen disruptions.