Vittee project: Linksfield




Vittee project 005

Unit delivered for installation

Vittee project 009

We use local labour who are qualified in installing heat pumps and we do ongoing additional training to ensure that we meet all quality standards

Vittee project 015

The customer wanted the heat pump installed out of site so we choose the roof of the entertainment section. The heat pump is mounted standard brackets with rubber “feet” to minimize noise and vibration. All pipes are thoroughly insulated.

Vittee project 019

The customer had one 150lt geyser in the roof and another 150 lt  mounted behind his entertainment room. We moved the geyser in the roof to its new home next to the outside geyser. We connected the two geysers in series. The customer now gets his hot water from the 5 kw heat pump. He has already indicated that we should come back and instal a 3.5kw to supply hot water to the cottage and domestic worker’s room.