About us

What is Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon is a business conceptualized in 2002 shortly after the World Summit on Sustainable Development. It is headed by  a dynamic individual who cares  deeply about the world we live in and who is also concerned about the legacy he will leave to future generations. Top of his agenda is the need to educate and empower others to do the same and to continue the conversation around living better lives, protecting and healing the planet , but above all to demonstrate that his business is serious about its credo: To live and to leave a Zero Carbon footprint.

The future, if we are to have one, will rest upon the intelligent choices we make today. The future is no longer some distant time ahead, it is almost upon us. Global warming, deforestation and dwindling energy resources are all real challenges that must be faced with determination and resolve. We can no longer leave it to the government, scientists or academics to come up with the solutions, we all need to focus on the issues and together we need to find answers, and we need to find them quick. It will take individuals and businesses with vision and foresight to make this happen, Zero Carbon is that business and its people are those individuals. Zero Carbon, the new standard for a sustainable future.

Our products are carefully chosen to have a minimum impact of the environment. Our lighting products are energy saving. Our insulation products are cost effective and combat heat loss which lowers electricity consumption. Our heat pumps are more effective at heating water than conventional heating methods and save electricity as well. Change wasteful habits, think about your carbon footprint, talk to others about the choices they make and get involved. Recycle, Reuse, Reclaim, Reduce, Return.