Mission Statement

Zero Carbon offers products and services for the environmentally conscious consumer that focuses on sustainability, low carbon emissions, minimum waste, and low energy consumption, and that protects valuable resources, the environment and the planet.

Vision Statement-short version

To be recognised as the foremost provider and promoter of green solutions, serving consumers, communities, commercial businesses and industry across the African continent.

Vision Statement-long version

Through the provision of energy efficient products and the promotion of environmentally conscious awareness we want to be recognised by consumers, business and society as the foremost social enterprise serving the green economy on the African continent.

Strategic Intent

By providing products and services that protect the environment, conserve energy and that lowers carbon footprints Zero Carbon aims to the largest, most profitable supplier of high quality energy efficient products in South Africa. Zero Carbon will achieve this by focusing on its core products, namely, heat pumps and solar water geysers that are more efficient than traditional electrical geysers.


Diversity: We believe in and support diversity in our choice of people and partners and we encourage it across our value chain.

Excellence: We are leaders, continually learning and innovating. We believe in and support productivity, innovation, and service to all stakeholders.

Integrity: We operate to the highest moral and legal standards. We act in the best interest of our people, our stakeholders and society.

Leadership: We inspire, empower, enable, and motivate our people to rise to their fullest potential. We offer leadership on issues that require insight, vision and deep analytical strategic thinking.

Sustainability Statement

Zero Carbon is committed to the principle bottom line of people, profit and environment. Zero Carbon will deal with ethical suppliers, price its products fairly and use energy is a responsible way.

Ethics Statement

Zero Carbon commits itself and its people to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and to adhere to the various charters that serve society.

Positioning Statements

(Short version) Zero Carbon sells products and services to cost conscious energy consumers.

(Long version) Zero Carbon sells products and services to environmentally conscious consumers who want cost savings for their energy needs.

Value Proposition:

Buy our products if you want to save over 60 % on your energy bill and at the same time protect the environment and save the earth’s valuable resources.

The Zero Carbon Ethos

The future, if we are to have one, will rest upon the intelligent choices we make today. The future is no longer some distant time ahead, it is almost upon us. Global warming, deforestation and dwindling energy resources are all real challenges that must be faced with determination and resolve. We can no longer leave it to the government , scientists or academics to come up with the solutions, we all need to focus on the issues and together we need to finds answers, and we need to find them quick. It will take individuals and businesses with vision and foresight to make this happen, Zero Carbon is that business and its people are those individuals.